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Experience the Essence of Flavour House Einar Willumsen

Our innovative approach is deeply rooted in Nordic values, guiding us as we craft exceptional flavour solutions. Our journey began over a century ago, and today we stand as a testament to quality and creativity in the flavour industry. Our team of expert flavourists works in close collaboration with our partners, turning unique synergies into shared successes. At Einar Willumsen, we don’t just create flavours; we create possibilities. Our extensive range covers everything from classic citrus notes to exotic and complex profiles, tailored to meet the evolving demands of the modern consumer.

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Why choose us

Do yourself a flavour

No matter what taste you are looking for, our flavourists know how to create it. We enjoy working with our satisfied customers, many of which are market leaders in their specific industries. That makes us proud to be in the flavour business.

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Staying ahead of trends

Innovative Energy Drink flavours

At Einar Willumsen, we’re revolutionizing beverage development with innovative flavour solutions. Whether you crave the purity of natural extracts or the boldness of daring artificial blends, we have something to tantalize every taste bud. Explore our extensive range and discover the extraordinary potential of energy drink flavours. From the zesty kick of citrus to the refreshing coolness of mint, our flavours are crafted to excite and inspire. Let us help you create drinks that stand out in a crowded market.

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Over 100 years of great beverages

Beverages are a cornersone of our business and one of our core competencies. The final beverage only works if all the elements, such as taste, stability, preservation and colour, work together.

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Our fun and vibrant side

Scandinavian candy is known throughout the world for its novelty and splendid diversity. For decades, we’ve had a blast covering a wide variety of confectionery flavourings, such as fruit, berry used for jellies, chews and more.

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Thinking local, acting global

Our technical experts have solid experience in the global baking industry to support local product development, test baking and implementation in your production lines.

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Tailored to market trends

Innovation in dairy products goes fast and we are constantly developing flavourings to adapt to the latest trends. Our enzyme-modified dairy flavourings are suitable for clean label dairy products.

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