After two years in a pandemic with uncertainty, anxiety and gloom, consumers yearn to enjoy the good life. A life that includes taking care of all our needs: body, mind, emotions and social connections.


‘Foodification’ of functional products is spreading as producers launch regular products with added functional benefits.


Snacks are a regular part of our diets and therefore snacks are expected to meet the same nutritional standards as other meals.


Consumers admit that they prefer “bite-size” or “single-serving” portions of their convenience products: smaller formats are portable, easy to consume on the go and not in the least, make it easier to control portion size.


Consumers continue to crave new, exotic and exciting flavours to fill the void in their lives due to inability to travel.

Treat yourself

High quality premium foods and drinks has become a common way for consumers to reward themselves during the pandemic.

Mental health

Another part of holistic well-being that benefits from indulgence trends is mental health. Allowing small pleasures is a part of self-care that makes us healthier in a long run.

Weight Management

Weight management is one of the most popular topics in preventive healthcare and well-balanced lifestyle.

Health Boosters

Functional nutrition is no longer for niche sport products. Claims for improved immunity and digestion continue to receive most attention from consumers and manufacturers.

Low & No

‘Low and no’ alcohol drinks are in trend and in the mainstream. Most brands of alcoholic drinks have launched a range of non-alcoholic products and expect them to represent a significant part of their sales.

Clean living

Consumers are sceptical of artificial and unrecognisable ingredients and aspire to eat more of fresh, clean and less processed foods. Excessive consumption of ingredients like fat, salt and sugar has been a health concern on a global level for years.


Plant-based sector is another trendy area buzzing with innovation. Climate concerns have seriously shifted consumer attitudes towards plant-based products, especially when it comes to younger consumers.


The pandemic has changed the way consumers approach shopping. Initial wave of support for local businesses paired with restrictions on movement has turned everyone to think and shop within their immediate geographical area.

Clean living

Food and beverages obviously have a profound impact on our personal health; however, food production is also one of the biggest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions.