Trend2023 new


The entire process from farm to fork. The consumers expect credibility and transparency, and everything is done with consideration.

Lab Food and Drink

The customers understand that food can be produced in a laboratory. This is a whole new food paradigm and a necessity.


We prefer to buy our raw materials locally, which also ensures that the raw materials have a shorter transportation time.

Mood Food & Drink

We are looking for ingredients that can boost our mood and that can help us a lot in balancing a busy everyday life.


Clean food. Clean Label and clear communication. Pure raw materials without additives.


Everything we do must be good for both body and mind. Consumers want something that will help them, and their bodies achieve their fitness goals more effectively.


Disruption is a situation in which it is difficult for something to continue in the normal way. Many things have changed, and so has the way we shop.

Hungry Heart

The consumer wants to add a little extra luxury to a boring everyday life. It must be fun, inspiring, and extravagant. Michelin meets minimalism.

Love Food & Drink

The trend Love Food is basically our comfort zone. But now, what we already know and feel comfortable in, has been developed.