Well-being: Personal health

Clean living

Consumers are sceptical of artificial and unrecognisable ingredients and aspire to eat more of fresh, clean and less processed foods. Excessive consumption of ingredients like fat, salt and sugar has been a health concern on a global level for years.

Low & No

‘Low and no’ alcohol drinks are in trend and in the mainstream. Most brands of alcoholic drinks have launched a range of non-alcoholic products and expect them to represent a significant part of their sales.

Health Boosters

Functional nutrition is no longer for niche sport products. Claims for improved immunity and digestion continue to receive most attention from consumers and manufacturers.

Weight Management

Weight management is one of the most popular topics in preventive healthcare and well-balanced lifestyle.

Mental health

Another part of holistic well-being that benefits from indulgence trends is mental health. Allowing small pleasures is a part of self-care that makes us healthier in a long run.