einar-willumsen-logo Einar Willumsen

Our vision

We strive to be the best and preferred supplier in the industry – nothing more, nothing less.

Together with our customers, we have developed strong and intimate business relationships over the years – and we always focus on getting everything just right. Creating the best taste of a product is both an art and a science and finding the right balance is essential for the success of the product.


Where art and science meet

At Einar Willumsen our mission is to help our customers develop and market exciting and innovative new taste experiences for consumers. Our flavourists are equipped with a massive taste toolbox stocked with extracts, distillates, and beverage-approved flavouring substances.

Leading ingredients suppliers

We work with leading ingredient suppliers to deliver complete solutions for functional and healthy beverages (energy, vitamin, mineral, or protein-enriched drinks) without compromising on taste.

Reduced sugar or sugar-free beverages

are expected to grow further due to health trends and cost efficiency. We can offer our consumers a healthier choice by replacing sugar with low-calorie sweeteners balanced with other ingredients (stabilizers, different acids, and unique flavours.)

Organic – Halal – Kosher or Vegan

Furthermore, we develop solutions for organic (95/5), halal, kosher, or vegan products and provide an all-in-one solution with complete documentation for the final product and guidance for processing and bottling.

We are at the forefront of current trends

We keep up with emerging trends to develop new flavours and test promising applications. Combined with our technical and nutritional expertise, we have a solid foundation for creating innovative, authentic, and indulgent flavour solutions.