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An era marked by focus on mindful consumption

A rise in the sober curious movement and increased focus on a healthier lifestyle

In a world where people are choosing to prioritize their health as a lifestyle rather than a necessity, the “sober curious” movement has emerged as a response to changing consumer preferences while also reflecting a more flexible approach to alcohol consumption.

Non-Alcoholic drinks at a glance

In an era marked by an increasing focus on mindful consumption and health-conscious choices, alcohol-free beverages have become integral to the contemporary beverage market. Recognizing the universal need for options that align with both social and personal well-being, these drinks have transcended mere alternatives to alcoholic beverages—they have become the epitome of refined indulgence. As consumers seek choices that cater to their varied preferences, the market for alcohol-free beverages responds with a commitment to excellence, delivering options that harmonize with both the sensory and cultural discernment of the individual.


The market

The appeal appears to come from the flexibility of the trend. Indeed, rather than complete abstinence, individuals are encouraged to explore both low and non-alcohol alternatives. As consumers are seeking high-quality and flavorsome alternatives to traditional alcoholic drinks, beverage industry leaders are investing in the premiumization of low/non-alcoholic drinks as well as the inclusion of mood-boosting ingredients. Industry figures also reflect this flexibility: while non-alcoholic spirit sales were reported as just over five million U.S. dollars in 2022, non-alcoholic beer revenue is forecast to reach an impressive 46 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.*


Consumer Trends 2024 | Statista


The categories

  • Non-Alcoholic beer

    Non-alcoholic beer, also known as “NA beer,” has become increasingly popular as an appealing alternative for those who want a refreshing and sociable beverage without the effects of alcohol. It is designed to replicate the taste and smell of traditional beers, making it a satisfying experience for people who may be avoiding alcohol for various reasons, such as health concerns, sober curious consumers, or designated drivers.

  • Non-Alcohol wine

    The complexity of the wine with its many top notes, aromas, and various production methods makes the task of producing alcohol-free wine interesting.

  • RTD mocktails:

    Canned or bottled alcohol-free beverages often mimic the popular flavours from its alcohol-loaded versions e.g. bergamot, orange zest, and various citrus fruits providing an opportunity to address sober curious consumers on the go both in off – and on-trade.

  • Non-Alcohol bubbles

    The category of non-alcoholic bubbles includes various bubbly beverages such as spritzers, prosecco, brut, and champagne versions that are inspired by the adjacent alcoholic category. Non-alcoholic bubbles provide a delightful and fizzy alternative that brings the joy of sparkling beverages without the need for alcohol. They offer a refreshing and lively experience, catering to individuals who appreciate the effervescence and celebratory nature of sparkling drinks but prefer to abstain from alcohol for various reasons

  • Non-Alcohol spirits

    The beverage industry has recently seen a significant change with the emergence of non-alcoholic spirits. This category has been created specifically for individuals who want the sophistication and complexity of alcoholic spirits without the presence of alcohol. Non-alcoholic spirits provide a new alternative for those who want to enjoy the experience of crafting and sipping a cocktail without the effects of alcohol. Made with botanicals, herbs, and spices, non-alcoholic spirits aim to replicate the unique flavors and aromas of traditional spirits such as gin, whiskey, and vodka. The result is a sophisticated drink that not only provides a nuanced sensory experience but also serves as a base for creating a wide range of complex and flavorful non-alcoholic cocktails.

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