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Our signature values

How we deliver value to our customers

As new food and beverage products are being prepared for launch, speed is paramount. That’s why we invite our partners to our laboratories to work together with our expert flavourists and application specialists to achieve the target tastes in the quickest possible manner.

At Einar Willumsen, we are passionate about taste. We constantly strive for a deeper understanding of individual taste preferences, and our mission to strike the perfect balance of taste and composition is at the centre of everything we do.

We offer tailor-made flavourings and applications in flexible batch sizes and deliveries. This helps our partners optimise their value chains.

We have an extensive track record in delivering consistent quality on time. We are committed to ensuring our partners receive their Einar Willumsen products in a way that keeps their value chains running smoothly and efficiently.

At Einar Willumsen, we strive for continuous improvement in developing unique new flavour solutions for the food and beverage industry. We work with partners to increase efficiency in our innovation, and we have formalized these efforts in our Willumsen Innovation Network (WIN).