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Chocolate at a glance

Ever wondered how your favorite chocolate bar gets its zing? Imagine chocolate as a smooth canvas, ready for a dash of creativity. Flavoring chocolate is like playing the role of a culinary Picasso, where a sprinkle of sea salt or a splash of bourbon can transform a humble cocoa bean into a masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of fiery chili-infused dark chocolate or a sucker for lavender-kissed white chocolate, the world of chocolate flavoring is an adventurous romp through a taste bud wonderland.

Flavoring chocolate product involves several key steps to ensure that the desired flavors are effectively infused and balanced with the inherent taste of the chocolate. On top of the existing chocolate base depending on quality and type e.g. dark, milk, or white chocolate flavourings can be added. Working with  Flavoring Agents requires delicacy and attention to detail. Typical flavourings can include natural extracts such as vanilla or mint, essential oils like orange, and lavender, spices e.g. cinnamon, chili, liqueur flavourings, and more. Whether it’s a chocolate dragee, a chocolate bar, truffle, ganache, or a velvet ripple sauce used in an Ice Cream product –  whatever type of product you can think of we can create.

Our premium range of flavourings offers complimentary nuances to the flavour profile of various chocolate flavour profiles.

  • Yuzu

    With its bright, tangy notes reminiscent of lemon, lime, and grapefruit, yuzu brings a zesty elegance that brilliantly complements the rich, velvety depths of chocolate

  • Mango

    When paired with chocolate, mango’s juicy sweetness and vibrant tropical notes create a delightful contrast to chocolate’s rich, velvety texture. The natural acidity of mango enhances the depth of dark chocolate, while its creamy sweetness perfectly complements milk and white chocolate

  • Lemon zest

    Lemon zest, with its fresh and tangy essence, adds a vibrant dimension to chocolate's deep flavors. The zesty notes cut through the sweetness, offering a refreshing contrast

  • Cherry

    Cherries, with their vibrant color and fruity essence, bring a delightful contrast to chocolate's deep, indulgent taste

  • Chili

    Chili's spicy kick perfectly complements the rich, smooth texture of chocolate, creating a dynamic flavor experience that excites the palate

  • Vanilla

    Vanilla, with its warm, sweet aroma and subtle floral notes, is the perfect companion to chocolate's rich, fullbodied flavor

  • Cherry Blossom

    Whether in a dark chocolate truffle or a creamy white chocolate bar, the infusion of cherry blossom offers a delightful twist that captivates the senses and transforms each bite into a floral symphony of taste.

  • Mint

    Mint, with its cool, invigorating freshness, creates a delightful contrast to the rich, smooth flavor of chocolate. This classic combination brings a refreshing lift to chocolate's flavour profile balancing sweetness with a crisp, clean finish.

  • Coffee

    Coffee, with its robust and aromatic profile, creates a fine balance and harmony when paired with chocolate. The deep, rich notes of coffee enhance chocolate's natural complexity, adding a layer of depth and intensity that elevates the overall flavor experience.

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