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Powder Flavours

Powder flavours have shown strong market growth and are expected to remain significant. With a growing focus on health and wellness, there has been a trend towards using powdered flavours in products that align with healthier lifestyles. This includes applications in protein powders, nutritional supplements, and plant-based products.

Powdered flavours have also been used in the development of convenient and innovative products. This includes instant beverage mixes, instant noodles, dry soup mixes, seasoning blends, and more. Consumers often appreciate the ease of use and portability of such products.


Benefits of Powder flavours

Ease of Incorporation

Powdered flavours are often easier to incorporate into dry mixes and powders than liquid flavours. This can be advantageous in the production of products like powdered drink mixes, protein mixes, or sports nutrition.

Extended Shelf Life

Powders generally have a longer shelf life compared to liquids. This is because liquids are more prone to spoilage and degradation over time, while powders can remain stable for longer periods, helping to extend the product’s overall shelf life.

Convenience in Storage and Transportation

Powdered flavours are generally more compact and lightweight compared to their liquid counterparts. This makes them easier and more cost-effective to store and transport.

Powder flavours will also typically not be classified as flammable, which makes transport and storage much easier, and in many cases, cheaper than flammable liquids.


Powdered flavours often provide manufacturers with more flexibility in creating custom flavour profiles. Blending different powders allows for the creation of unique and tailor-made flavour combinations.

We also

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Staying Ahead of the Curve

We continuously work on exciting new flavours for chocolate and sugary products.

We develop unique flavour combinations e.g. summer and Christmas editions and other exciting occasions. One of our key competencies is creating flavour matches and customized flavours for confectionery. It’s a vibrant and ever-evolving category where consumers crave innovative and surprising products. In the dynamic world of confectionery, trends evolve, and tastes transform. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and continuously work on new flavours, magical fantasy flavours, sophisticated flavours and so much more.

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