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Health is synonymous with the good life and a fundamental goal in life, but equally important is the deep human need for pleasure.
We are talking about ‘Healthy Indulgence’. The need to achieve joy and satisfaction is one of the most vital driving forces in our lives.
Our brains are designed to enjoy food, sex and community to secure our species. Other food trends show how food is linked to physical, mental, and global health. It takes up a lot. But food is more than common sense, dietary advice, and climate. Food is also enjoyment, culture, wildness, and experience.

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Love Food & Drink

The trend Love Food is basically our comfort zone. But now, what we already know and feel comfortable in, has been developed.
Maybe we add a new spice or replace the drink or meet with something plant-based. The familiar now comes in new forms: preferably green and
plant-based. We also see well-known dishes as ready meals in the supermarket. Love Food reminds us of our childhood and loving memories.

Hungry Heart

The consumer wants to add a little extra luxury to a boring everyday life. It must be fun, inspiring, and extravagant. Michelin meets minimalism. We have long lived by the adage, ‘We eat and drink with our eyes.’ But now there is a new factor at play-social media. From sharing images of what is on our plate/glasses to RTD-centric events, there is a proliferation of RTD-focused content. In the age of sharing, where reality is virtual, the colour of a product has become more important than ever before. Not all beverages should be unicorns or rainbow-ized, but people still get inspired with their eyes and are looking to be excited by new sensations (The World of Food Ingredients, 2022).

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Disruption is a situation in which it is difficult for something to continue in the normal way. Many things have changed, and so has the way we shop. We make use of e-commerce. We are looking away from the ‘traditional’ meal in form of communal dining, RTD-solutions, and homemade ‘take-away’, Bring the experience ’on the go’.