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Dairy Flavours

Dairy and non-dairy flavours

Many dairy and non-dairy products can benefit from a flavour boost whether its to reduce cost or to create a specific flavour profile.

Our application specialists provide recommendations for achieving desired taste and overcome product development challenges.

We offer great “milky” and “cheesy” notes for more powerful experience.

For coffee and cacao-based drinks we use natural extracts to enhance true flavour.

We can create unique flavour combinations that imitate dessert or cocktail flavours in dairy products, for example pina colada, tiramisu or cheesecake.

This “mashup flavour” approach is especially relevant in ice creams, where trends point towards extra indulgence and “borrowing” well-known flavours from other categories.


We offer all kinds of dairy solutions

for an ever-growing range of traditional and functional dairy products, such as yoghurts, desserts, ice creams, flavoured milk, protein drinks and processed cheese, including flavourings, natural flavourings and natural dairy flavourings.

We also offer mouthfeel flavours for fat-reduced products, masking solutions well suited for vitamin-fortified or sweetened flavoured products, as well as authentic natural dairy flavourings, such as butter, cream and cheese.

Our flavours range from non-natural to natural and 95/5 (organic suitable) flavours




Some of our popular dairy flavours


  • Orange flavour for dairy products and biomodified dairy products

    Sweet, balanced and juicy - Oranges are one of the most popular and widely consumed citrus fruits, known for their juicy and sweet flavour.

  • Vanilla flavour for dairy products and biomodified products

    Sweet, creamy and warm – Vanilla has a rich and sweet flavour profile that is widely used across culinary applications for a good reason.

  • Strawberry flavour for dairy and biomodified dairy
    Strawberry. Fresh organic berries macro. Fruit background

    Strawberry. Fresh organic berries macro. Fruit background

  • Caramel

    Sweet, buttery and nutty - Caramel is a beloved flavor characterized by its rich, sweet, and slightly toasted notes. It is often used in a variety of dairy products like youghurt.

  • Chocolate

    Rich, creamy and bitter - Chocolate is a complex and indulgent flavor with various nuances, depending on factors such as the type of chocolate, the cocoa content.

  • Peach flavour for dairy applications and biomodified dairy

    Juicy, sweet and floral - Peaches have a sweet, juicy, and fragrant flavor profile that is synonymous with summertime. incorporated into dairy, peaches offer a delightful combination of fruity and floral notes.

  • Blueberry flavour for dairy or biomodified dairy

    Sweet, tart and earthy - Blueberries have a distinct and delightful flavor profile characterized by a sweet and slightly tart taste. Incorporated into dairy blueberries offer a burst of juicy and fruity goodness

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