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Einar Willumsen offers a broad range of flavours that show superior performance in bakery applications.

When it comes to baked goods, consumers are looking for traditional and authentic treats as well as modern twists on classics and new exciting flavour combinations. Taste and enjoyment are the most important driver; health, nutrition and sustainability are too increasingly relevant.

We create flavour solutions for all bakery product types and requirements. We developed a premium flavour range for an authentic, rich and complex tasting experience. We also offer tasty and tested low-cost flavourings for everyday budget-friendly products. Our flavours range from non-natural to natural and 95/5 (organic suitable) flavours. Some of our bakery flavours include:

    • Vanilla
    • Rum/Arrack
    • Maple
    • Caramel
    • Orange
    • Raspberry
    • Strawberry
    • Lemon
    • Cocoa / Chocolate

We have our own bakery in our headquarters in Brøndby where we test our flavours in specific bakery applications. All bakery flavours are tested for heat, freeze and thaw stability as well as fat and water solubility. Additionally, we test our flavour solutions to provide accurate recommendations for intensity and performance in different applications. With our know-how and expertise our customers achieve faster product development and shorter time to market.

Modern consumers are increasingly aware of nutrition’s role in health. They look for healthier alternatives, especially in products that are traditionally high in sugar, salt and fat. Achieving desired flavours and a familiar rich texture requires a complex approach. We develop innovative flavours that perform well in different environments and textures. Certain flavours stimulate taste receptors and enhance our perception of sweetness without adding extra calories. Other ingredients can provide creaminess, mask off-taste and balance the final product. Therefore, we provide complete flavour solutions for healthier bakery products.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are one of the most important issues for consumers around the world. Those concerns affect purchasing behaviour and product choices. With creative and sustainable mindset there are many opportunities to develop tasty products and avoid excessive waste in production through upcycling. In bakery manufacturing there are opportunities to reimagine by-products through flavour solutions and create new products, for example Danish “rumkugle” which is made from bakery leftovers plus rum flavour. Flavourings are essential in this process and can give new life to otherwise wasted ingredients.

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