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Innovative beverage flavours from Einar Willumsen will make your product stand out.

Beverages is one of the most vibrant and innovative categories in consumer products. New ingredients and experimentation with flavours often start with beverages where consumers tend to be more eager to try something new. Consumers love all-time favourite soft drink flavours like citrus, berries and tropical fruits. At the same time, we see an appetite and curiosity for new, fun and unusual flavours for beverages, for example florals, various tea flavours, spices, exotic fruits and even candy. There is an abundance of hybrids that combine several well-known flavours together to create new experiences. Cross-category creations is another popular trend in beverages, e.g., alcoholic shots with taste of bubble-gum or energy drinks with taste of strawberry cheesecake. Some of our developed beverage flavours include:

    • Passionfruit
    • Nectarine
    • Apple varieties
    • Citrus fruits
    • Cocktails and mocktails
    • Tea (black, green, white)
    • Florals (orange blossom, magnolia, rose)

We develop delicious flavour solutions for beverages and test them in relevant applications, such as soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic products. Our solutions vary from flavourings to premixed compounds and syrups to finished products, ready for bottling. Our skilled application specialists create tailor-made recipes and provide guidance for optimal shelf life, preservation, colour and other relevant considerations.

We work together with leading suppliers of ingredients to deliver complete solutions for functional and healthy beverages (energy, vitamin, mineral or protein enriched drinks) without compromising on taste. Reduced sugar or sugar-free beverages are expected to grow further due to heath trends and cost efficiency. We can offer consumers a heathier choice by replacing sugar with low-calorie sweeteners, balanced with other ingredients (stabilizers, different acids and unique flavours.)

Furthermore, we develop solutions for organic (95/5), halal, kosher or vegan products and provide all-in-one solution with full documentation for the final product and guidance for processing and bottling.

Simulating nature is not a new approach; nevertheless, our approach is based on nature’s own recipes as we try to simulate nature in a simpler way. For example, we can create a cheaper flavour solution for some beverages by reducing juice content without compromising taste. Dairy and plant-based products is another trend where we can offer flavours to balance and enhance sweetness, creaminess and bitterness.

One of the most visible developments in the beverage market is impressive growth in non-alcoholic drinks such as beer, cider, wine, cocktails and many more. Consumers are looking to decrease their consumption of alcohol and are open to these new non-alcoholic beverages. We develop flavours for non-alcoholic spirit, beer, cider and mocktails that offer authentic taste profile as well as complexity and sophistication of a grown-up beverage.

We keep up with emerging trends to develop new flavours and test promising applications. Combined with our technical and nutritional expertise, there is a solid foundation for innovative, authentic and indulgent flavour solutions.

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