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Tailored to market trends


Innovation in dairy products goes fast and we are constantly developing flavourings to adapt to the latest trends. We offer all kinds of dairy solutions for an ever-growing range of traditional and functional dairy products, such as yoghurts, desserts, ice creams, flavoured milk, protein drinks and processed cheese, including flavourings, natural flavourings and natural dairy flavourings.

We also offer mouthfeel flavours for fat-reduced products, masking solutions well suited for vitamin-fortified or stevia-flavoured products, as well as authentic natural dairy flavourings, such as butter, cream and cheese.

Our enzyme-modified cheese flavours are recognized for their authentic natural cheese taste profile. The raw materials are the same as those used in traditional cheese production, but their flavour impact is more than 10 times stronger. Our enzyme-modified dairy flavourings are suitable for clean label dairy products and we manufacture these without the use of phosphates.

Dairy - tailored to markets flavour trends

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Beverages are a cornerstone of our business and one of our core competencies.

Over the years, we have flavoured soft drinks, ciders, RTDs, energy drinks, functional beverages, ice teas, as well as coffees, teas, spirits, glögg (Scandinavian Glühwein) and many more.


Scandinavian candy is known throughout the world for its novelty and splendid diversity. For decades, we’ve had a blast covering a wide variety of confectionery flavourings, such as fruit, berry, mint and caramel, used for jellies, chews, marshmallows, pastilles, dragees, mints, chocolate fillings, and more.


Travel to any major city in the world and the smell of its local baked goods is probably one of the most memorable souvenirs you will take home with you.

Inspired by the Danish baking tradition, we have a wide range of flavourings for the baking industry such as vanilla, caramel, chocolate, coconut, nuts, maple, berries and of course Danish butter flavours.


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