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Natural organic suitable flavours


The new legislation on organic products should apply from 1 January 2021. Due to the present Corona situation and delay of implementing acts, the application date has been postponed one year until 1 January 2022.
It will still be possible to use organic suitable flavours in organic products.

In fact, there are two kinds of flavours that can be used in organic products:

1. Organic suitable flavourings
These are natural flavour where you can refer to the name of the food that it is produced from, e.g. natural citrus flavouring. 95% of the flavours components must (in this case) come from citrus.

2. Organic flavourings
Where 95% of the flavour components are from organic farming and where you can refer to the name of the food that it is produced from e.g. organic citrus flavouring. These can be difficult to produce as we need to take into account whether we can source the organic raw material on which this flavour is based (and makes this a very expensive solution).
We therefore customize the individual production – so please contact us to hear the possibilities for the specific organic raw material.

In both cases it is important that the taste comes primarily from 95% flavour components.


Organic suitable flavours
At Einar Willumsen we have a large range of flavours that complies with the rules for organic suitable flavourings.
Here, among others: Strawberry, Pear, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Ginger, Yuzu, Magnolia, Orange blossom – as well as all citrus flavours and a lot of spice and herbal flavours.

Please, contact the Einar Willumsen salesteam if you need a natural flavour which meets these requirements.

– When taste and speed matter it’s time to contact Einar Willumsen.