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What do we know about citrus?


Around 310 B.C. the first member of the citrus family was introduced to Europe
Tile floor mosaic found in a Roman villa indicates that lemons and limes were becoming known in Italy
Citrus is marketed throughout the world as a beneficial health fruit
During biblical times (the old testament), aside from religious ceremony, lemon was used for medical purposes for combating seasickness

Why citrus resonate with current trends?

Newstalgia, comfort and Susteatable

Nostalgic has become “Newstalgia”, as we see more creative innovations on combining citrus in different beverages and food combinations. It should be simple and uncomplicated. Creating experiences withing taking it too far.

Consumers want flavours that are familiar, comforting and make them feel good. Flavours are connected to emotions in our brain and have the power to evoke feeling of joy, security, and calm.

Citrus flavours are uniquely local around the world – “glocal” – and familiar to modern consumers. The fruits come directly from the nature, and more consumers who want as natural ingredients as possible

Healthy and functional

Modern consumers are interested in healthy products that provide additional benefits. It is either by reducing ingredients like sugar or adding more wholesome contents like fibre, vitamins etc.

Citrus fit well with many natural healthy drinks and snacks. It is nearly synonymous with healthy choices, thus there is a powerful connection in our brain between the vitamins that comes with citrus and health.

Everything we do must be good for both body and mind.The intake should improve health, performance and have a positive impact on well-being

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