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Our experts inspire consumers

On Thursday 18th January, taste expert Anna Cichon, (one of the Einar Willumsen flavourists) talked to a public audience about the nature of flavour, flavour development and how we all taste food and drinks, as part of the Albertslund Library “taste” exhibition.  Taking us on a journey through the human physiology of taste identification with samples to test was at the heart of the seminar, with explanations as to the molecular science and natural flavour development that helps us create taste experiences for our customers every day. 

At Einar Willumsen we pride ourselves on our openness to share this information to inform consumers on the complex science of flavour, flavour development and how we analyse nature to harness those specific natural flavour molecules that give us that combination of green, creamy, juicy or a floral taste of a strawberry for example.