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Once again, we had a nice visit at our head office in Brøndby. Bibi Normann Karlshøj and her husband, Ole, came by with an old blue bottle (picture). The bottle had been saved by Bibi from her grandfather, Egil Scheibel, Materialist Trade-in Næstved.

Another bottle “has come” home to Einar Willumsen

Bibi could tell us about her childhood, where she helped in her grandfather’s Egil Scheibel’s material trade – among others she helped with pouring essences from the big, blue bottles into smaller bottles that customers bought.

In 1942 Egil Scheibel (1910-85) opened the Teknisk Material-handel in Næstved. He was also known outside Næstved with Scheibel’s Tobacco aroma, which was used to alleviate the tobacco hunger during the rationing, but also as a co-founder of the Matas business in 1949.

At that time, essences were sold in the Material Trade (predecessor to MATAS). In the back room, there were small and large blue bottles with essences/aromas. Customers could buy essences in milliliters on their own request. The essences were then used as a flavouring in for instance liqueurs.

The number of the essence on the blue bottle, Bibi had with her, refers to recipe no. 621 that recipe can be found in our original recipe book from the start of the company – the recipe is neatly handwritten (picture?).

We are deeply grateful that Bibi Karlshøj and her husband came by and brought the bottle home to Einar Willumsen.

Einar Willumsen has been producing essences since 1901, and we still do.