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Flavour trends

Trends do not just start… They evolve over time and we see this evolution from 2014 all the way through 2016 and into this year as well.

There are 3 key areas in flavour development that consumers are looking for every day.

Nostalgia and traditional

Consumers are looking for comfort, warmth and security and in times of uncertainty like to remember the past… old favourites are back across all food and beverage categories.  We all remember our love for Tiramisu, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cream Soda, Root Beer, Lemon Meringue Pie, Butterscotch when it comes to nostalgia, but tied with “traditional” this is a really powerful position this year with consumers.

Consumers like to feel they are supporting local producers, and products that are perhaps part of their regions culture. A traditional Rhubarb lemonade in the Nordics for example takes us back to the summers of our childhood and the kitchen gardens of our grandparents and making Rhubarb cordials.  Consumers are also looking for modern twists, and EW applications specialists can help.


Consumers are becoming more interested in botanicals, with their highly varied flavours, and perceived health properties, appearing in adventurous combinations in food and drink. From a traditional health and wellness perspective, consumers see botanicals as something adding value to food and beverages.  These include Sea Buckthorn, Pine, Lavender and of course Elderflower.

At Einar Willumsen we are recognized as experts in extracts and have been building a portfolio of Nordic and other botanicals and distillates for use in all applications.  The process is complex but this is where we excel.  Over 100 years of experience and a continuous production improvement process, using the latest technology allows us to stay at the top in this market place.


While still only a small amount of organic certified products are sold in relation to standard… more and more consumers are looking for organic beverages, dairy and bakery items.  Recognising they cost a little more at the same time, these consumers see the value in a “cleaner product”.  Organic products also appeal to all shoppers and consumers, not all the time but when the emotional desire, shopping environment or need arises.

Einar Willumsen are leading the way with the complex organic application development process.

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