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Einar Willumsen innovation network
– Less is more


Willumsen Innovation Network, WIN, is a unique global network of leading industry specialists within a range of business areas such as market analysis, processing, packaging, design, legislation, ingredients and trend scouting. We at EW activate the network for special projects that require a broad base of specialized knowledge to achieve the desired goal.

The network works in 3 phases:

1. Engage – the right specialists in the project

2. Enhance – the value by combining the right specialists and knowledge in the optimal way

3. Execute – by delivering true, innovative value to the market

We are an agile company. We are a living example that less is more. And we demonstrate how to deliver true value to our partners by leveraging the knowledge of our dedicated local and international specialists – on an as-needed basis – and working collaboratively towards our shared goals.

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In addition to our WIN team of specialists world wide, we have a strong core of highly professional and talented employees at our headquarters in Brøndby. Here we have established a unique solution to comply with the special needs of our valued customers; the WIN:LAB.


We invite our customers to join us in the WIN:LAB to explore and be inspired at the very heart of our business encompassing creativity and co-creation.


Fun fact

Every team member in the WIN:LAB can identify 355 different flavours blindfolded