einar-willumsen-logo Einar Willumsen

The Founding Father

Way back when

From a small maker of essences to high-tech development work and CSR.

Einar Willumsen company was founded in Copenhagen in 1901 by Einar Willumsen himself based on a vision to manufacture better flavours, extracts, and essential oils.

Following a successful start, a subsidiary was founded in Malmø, Sweden, which began its manufacturing in 1904.

Shortly before the recession hit the entire world Einar Willumsen was established as a limited company, and when Einar Willumsen lost the fight against cancer in 1929, he left the majority of his shares to his sister Fanny Willumsen, who shortly before her death in 1956 established the “Einar Willumsen foundation”, which has been the main shareholder in Einar Willumsen ever since. The foundation donates funds for general scientific research and research in cancer and ophthalmology. The company has its head office in Brøndby, Copenhagen and an affiliate in Malmø.


A modern, high technology supplier with a history

Since the Second World War, the company has become an important supplier of flavours and a chosen partner for the food industry, particularly in the Nordic countries and northern Europe. Today Einar Willumsen is a modern, high-technology supplier of flavour solutions and compounds for the medium-sized and large national and international beverage and food producing industries.