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Beyond the core

Our extensive application and product range

Beyond our four core areas of beverages, confectionery, dairy and bakery, we have a long history of developing taste solutions for sauces, soups, marinades, dressings, jams, fruit preparations, brines, pickles, snuff, mouthwash, toothpaste, chewing gum and almost anything else you can imagine.

We make it easy for you to be a food and beverage manufacturer.

Einar Willumsen has a complete toolbox for flavour creation, the most advanced equipment available and a group of expert flavourists, ensuring we can create any flavour and taste you can dream of. We can meet your needs at any point on the spectrum: from a high-intensity, low-dosage flavouring to a full compound including all parts of the ready-to-fill final beverage – and everything in between.

What lies beyond the core?


Whether it’s flavour enhancement of a specific tea sort e.g. Black tea or an infusion Einar Willumsen’s capabilities allow us to work dedicated with Teas. In the process of choosing the right flavour we have multiple options depending on the market and desired target group: fruity, floral, spicy, or citrusy.

Sauce and Dressings:

Adding flavors to sauces and dressings is a fantastic way to elevate your savoury market products and tailor them to various taste preferences and target groups. We are able to add umami booster, acidic falvour componenents, spice blends, herbal aromas and simply balance the application with sweetness.

Tobacco products:

Flavorings tobacco products like shisha, vapes and pipe tobacco. Shisha, as an example, is also known as hookah or water pipe tobacco, is a common practice to create a more enjoyable and customized smoking experience. Depending on the target group various fruit flavourings are added like grape, apple or peach.

Wet rubs & Meat marinade:

Whether gracing the surface of a succulent steak, adorning the contours of a rack of ribs, or embracing the skin of a perfectly seasoned chicken,  rubs infuse depth, complexity, and a nuanced sensory delight to every dish. The versatility of dry rubs extends beyond meats, seamlessly complementing vegetables, seafood, and even tofu, thereby providing a culinary journey that transcends dietary preferences. In this flavour spectrum we utilize our capabilities within extracts and destillates to create the most authentic savoury flavours as possible.  

Vitamin products:

Adding flavors to omega oils, vitamin pills, vitamin gummies or vitamin shots can enhance their palatability and make them more enjoyable to consume. Omega oils, such as omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, flaxseed oil, or algae oil, are known for their health benefits. At Einar Willumsen we add flavourings to make the healthy choices even more palatable.



Flavoring mouthwash can be a creative process that enhances the overall user experience of something we do each day, making oral hygiene more enjoyable and encouraging. The possibilites are endless whether it is vibrant citrusy flavourings or refreshing minty flavourings.


Flavoring snuff is a practice that allows brands and manufacturers to customize their experience. In recent years especially the white snuff category has seen a wider spectrum of flavoured versions available.




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