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Soft drinks and soda flavours

Soft drinks – an overview

In the realm of the beverage industry, carbonated soft drinks have long held a prominent position as one of the most widely consumed and beloved refreshments globally. Renowned for their diverse taste profiles, and enduring popularity, flavoured soft drinks continue to be an integral part of the daily lives of consumers across the world.



Flavourings range from both natural and non-natural beverage flavours:

  • Compounds: where meticulously selected ingredients to create complex and harmonious flavour profiles. These solutions are the result of a careful marriage between natural and artificial components.
  • Syrups: with their velvety texture and concentrated essence, are the liquid architects of flavour. Whether derived from fruits, herbs, or exotic botanicals, these elixirs infuse soft drinks with sweetness and character.
  • Natural Extracts: In the pursuit of authenticity, natural flavour extracts emerge as the unsung heroes of soft drink flavouring solutions. Derived directly from the source, be it vanilla pods, aromatic berries, or vibrant citrus peels, these extracts offer a pure and unadulterated taste experience. As consumers gravitate towards more natural and organic flavour choices, sparkling soft drinks infused with these extracts embody a commitment to quality and a celebration of the essence of nature.
  • Artificial flavours: Precision in innovation. At the heart of beverage innovation, artificial soft drink flavours showcase the competence of modern science in replicating nature’s nuances. These carefully crafted compounds not only mimic the familiar tastes of fruits and spices but also provide the flexibility to explore uncharted flavour territories. With precision and consistency as their hallmarks, artificial flavours contribute to the ever-expanding palette of soft drink offerings, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


The market

The carbonated soda market, characterized by its dynamic and competitive nature, stands as a testament to the ever-evolving preferences and demands of discerning consumers. As a cornerstone of the non-alcoholic beverage sector, this market has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, consistently responding to shifting consumer trends, technological advancements, and an increasing emphasis on health and wellness. The soft drink category never fails to adapt to changes and trends. As healthy living’s relevance remains prebiotic CSDs emerge. We strive to keep our finger on the pulse to keep innovating our products to resonate with the shape and zeitgeist of the society. Whether you need to differentiate your product to resonate with health and wellness or sustainability we can support you in bringing your next product to life.

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Innovating soft drink flavours

Flavoured beverages are one of the most pioneering and innovative categories in consumer products. As consumers’ curiosity to try and taste new products is increasing, beverage companies need to stay forward-thinking and innovative to meet the demands and to reach new target markets.

At Einar Willumsen, we strive to continuously develop new and exciting flavour concentrates for beverages. Whether it’s introducing exotic fruit combinations, exploring trendy botanical infusions, or creating healthier, low-sugar alternatives, our focus is on quality and sensory appeal.

To us, aroma is not just another soft drink ingredient. It’s an experience, and we are on a mission to develop and market new taste experiences to consumers. Our flavourists are equipped with a massive taste toolbox stocked with extracts, distillates, and beverage-approved flavouring substances to create the most unique flavour profiles. We create exclusive soda flavours that imitate and match existing taste, and we constantly experiment with new taste sensations, ensuring that each sip is not just refreshing but also a discovery for the palate.


Organic flavours for sodas and soft drinks

At Einar Willumsen we of course develop flavour solutions for organic beverages and provide you with documentation for the final product to ensure that it meets all dietary standards. As our partner, you can confidently offer products that are not only tasty but also attentive to consumers’ ethical values, health standards, and your brands’ core values. Our soft drink concentrates, compounds and syrups can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, offering both artificial, natural, and organic soda flavours to suit your specific needs.


Popular soft drink flavours

Whether you are on the search for botanical, herbal, spicy, sweet or juicy soft drink flavours, our flavourists can assist you in creating both classic, surprising, innovative and unexpected tastes for your product. Here is a comprehensive soda flavours list that features some of the diverse types of soda flavours we offer.

Some of our most popular flavour profiles are:

  • soft-drink-flavours-vanilla

    Sweet, creamy and warm – Vanilla has a rich and sweet flavour profile that is widely used across culinary applications for a good reason.

  • Lemon/Lime flavouring, flavour house, lemon flavour, lime flavour

    Sweet, woody and earthy – a classic flavour combination, always on trend.

  • soft-drink-flavours-lemon

    Tart, fresh and versatile – Lemon is known for its bright and zesty flavour.

  • Soft-drink-flavours-mint

    Cooling, herbaceous and fresh – Mint has a potent and invigorating aroma depending on the sort. Mint has a mild sweetness which complements the refreshing side of the flavour profile.

  • soft-drink-flavours-strawberry

    Sweet, tart and fresh - Strawberries are widely loved and used. Their hint of tartness adds a refreshing and slightly tangy element to their flavour profile.

  • soft-drink-flavours-coconut

    Creamy, nutty and sweet. Coconut as a flavour works well both on its own but also combined with especially citrusy flavours to strike a perfect balance between sweetness, creaminess and tartness.

  • Orange

    Sweet, balanced and juicy - Oranges are one of the most popular and widely consumed citrus fruits, known for their juicy and sweet flavour.

  • soft-drink-flavours-papaya

    Tropical, sweet and mildly musky – The papaya’s sweetness combined with subtle earthy undertones adds complexity to the overall flavour profile.

  • soft drink flavour with a taste of peach

    Creamy, aromatic and sweet – Peaches have a delightful flavour profile making them an obvious choice in both Ice Teas and CSDs.

  • soft-drink-flavours-passion-fruit

    Acidic, Fresh and mildly earthy – passion fruits are known to have a zesty tartness, giving them a refreshing quality but in exotic fruit blends and as single flavours.

  • soft-drink-flavours-mango

    Rich, creamy and sweet – The mango comes in many exotic versions, each with different flavour profiles. The mango flavour is often used as a key flavour in tropical and exotic flavour blends that have both peach and citrusy undertones.

  • soft-drink-flavours-banana

    Creamy, sweet and mildly tart – bananas have a natural mouth-coating texture making them an interesting choice for CSDs – adding a pleasant mouthfeel to the final product.

  • soft-drink-flavours-cherry

    Rich, juicy and aromatic – Cherries are primarily used in desserts, pies and icecreams but work surprisingly well in beverage applications due to their refreshing balance between sweetness and tartness.

  • soft-drink-flavours-apricot

    Juicy, sweet and slightly acidic – The apricot is in the stone fruit family and combines sweetness with a slight touch of refreshing tartness.

  • soft-drink-flavours-cucumber

    Refreshing, sweet and crisp - Cucumber has a mild and refreshing flavours profile and a hint of coolness making it the perfect canvas to pair with other flavours.

  • soft-drink-flavours-elderflower

    Light, sweet and floral - Elderflower is renowned for its distinct floral notes and has a fragrant and perfumed quality which makes it a subtle and elegant choice.

  • soft-drink-flavours-ginger

    Ginger root is a versatile ingredient used in both sweet and savory dishes around the world. It has a pungent, earthy, and citrusy flavor with a mild sweetness. It's perfect for carbonated soft drinks due to its warmth and freshness.

  • soft-drink-flavours-tropical soft-drink-flavours-exotic

    Fruity, aromatic and sweet – As globalization increases demand is growing for exotic and global flavours. The Tropical – or exotic flavour blend features a burst of flavours from the creamy coconut to the rich and sweet mango to the tangy pineapple. It all comes together into one perfect harmony.

  • soft-drink-flavours-hibiscus

    Tart, citrusy and floral – Hibiscus has a floral aroma and refreshing cranberry-like flavour. It also stands out with its rich, red colour.

  • soft-drink-flavours-rosehip

    Tart, earthy and mildly sweet – Under Rosehip’s vibrant red-coloured skin lies an array of exciting flavours, which makes it a perfect match for CSDs.

  • soft-drink-flavours-grapefruit

    Tart, juicy and bitter – pink grapefruit has a distinctive and refreshing flavour profile and vibrant colour.

  • Lychee

    Sweet, Floral and Tropical - Lychee has a superb flavor profile that makes it a sought-after fruit in culinary and numerous applications.


Does Einar Willumsen offer organic flavourings for soft drinks and sodas?
We are specialized in developing 95:5 flavour beverage solutions. This means that 95% of the flavour components must come from the source e.g. lime. The remaining 5% can come from a different source but the main flavour must come
from the 95%. Organic suitable.

Does Einar Willumsen offer natural flavourings for soft drinks and sodas?
Yes, Our compounds and extracts for beverages can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. At Einar Willumsen we offer both 95:5 and artificial flavours for carbonated soft drinks to suit your requirements.

What are the most popular flavours for soft drinks?
Some of our most popular soft drink flavours are lemon, lemon/lime, orange, raspberry, papaya, cherry, apricot, elderberry, ginger, grapefruit, and tropical.

Does Einar Willumsen create custom flavours for soft drinks?
Yes, at Einar Willumsen, we tailor taste and flavour for your unique market and brand, offering custom flavour solutions that align perfectly with your product vision and target audience.

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