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Tailor your treats with our bakery flavours

Indulge your senses and elevate your baked goods to new heights with our exquisite bakery flavorings. At Einar Willumsen, we understand that the heart of any delectable pastry, cake, or cookie lies in its flavor. That’s why we take pride in offering a diverse selection of premium flavorings specially crafted for the world of baking.

Do you want to transform a bakery into a playground of flavours where creativity knows no bounds? We create flavour solutions for all bakery product types and requirements and have developed a flavour range for an authentic, rich, and complex tasting experience. From classic vanilla to unique blends like cinnamon swirl and hazelnut delight, our collection caters to every palate and baking style.

We also offer tasty and tested low-cost flavourings for everyday budget-friendly products. Our flavours range from non-natural to natural and 95/5 (organic suitable) flavours.

  • Vanilla flavour for dairy products and biomodified products

    Sweet, creamy and warm – Vanilla has a rich and sweet flavour profile that is widely used across culinary applications for a good reason.

  • Orange flavour for dairy products and biomodified dairy products

    Sweet, balanced and juicy - Oranges are one of the most popular and widely consumed citrus fruits, known for their juicy and sweet flavour.

  • Caramel

    Sweet, buttery and toasty. Caramel is a sweet, rich, and distinct flavor that results from the browning and caramelization of sugars. The flavor profile of caramel is widely appreciated and used in in bakery to add a delightful dimension to various baked goods

  • Maple syrup

    Sweet, rich and buttery. Maple syrup is a natural sweetener produced by boiling down the sap of sugar maple trees. The flavor profile of maple syrup is unique and distinct, offering a rich and complex taste

  • soft-drink-flavours-strawberry

    Sweet, tart and fresh - Strawberries are widely loved and used. Their hint of tartness adds a refreshing and slightly tangy element to their flavour profile.

  • Chocolate

    Bitter, sweet, and creamy - Chocolate has a rich, complex flavor profile that combines sweetness, bitterness, and often nutty or fruity notes

  • soft-drink-flavours-lemon

    Tart, fresh and versatile – Lemon is known for its bright and zesty flavour.

  • Flavoured-water-with-a-taste-of-raspberry

    Sweet, tart and aromatic. Raspberries are inherently sweet, and this sweetness is often balanced by a slight tartness. The level of sweetness can vary, but ripe raspberries are generally known for their natural sugar

  • Rum

    Sweet, rich and spicy. Many rums have a natural sweetness derived from the sugars present in molasses or sugarcane juice. This sweetness can range from subtle to pronounced, depending on the type of rum

The Delectable Harmony of Bakery Trends

When it comes to baked goods, consumers are looking for traditional and authentic treats as well as modern twists on classics and new exciting flavour combinations. Taste and enjoyment are the most important drivers; health, nutrition, and sustainability are too increasingly relevant.


Health-Conscious Choices

Modern consumers are increasingly aware of nutrition’s role in health. They look for healthier alternatives, especially products traditionally high in sugar, salt, and fat. Achieving desired flavours and a familiar rich texture requires a complex approach. Certain flavours stimulate taste receptors and enhance our perception of sweetness without adding extra calories. Other ingredients can provide creaminess, mask off-taste and balance the final product. Therefore, we provide complete flavour solutions for healthier bakery products.


Innovative Flavors and Pairings:

Bakeries are experimenting with unique and unexpected flavor combinations, such as herbs, spices, and unconventional pairings like floral and herbal infusions. This trend reflects a desire for adventurous and novel taste experiences.


Global Flavors:

Inspired by the global culinary landscape, bakeries incorporate international flavors and techniques into their offerings. This includes ingredients and flavors from various cultures, providing a diverse range of options for consumers.


Plant-Based and Vegan Offerings:

The demand for plant-based and vegan products has extended to the bakery sector. Bakeries are incorporating ingredients like plant-based butter, non-dairy milk alternatives, and egg substitutes to cater to the growing vegan consumer base.


Sustainability and Locally Sourced Ingredients:

Bakeries are increasingly focusing on sustainability, using locally sourced and organic ingredients. This trend aligns with consumer preferences for environmentally friendly and ethically produced baked goods.


We have our bakery in our headquarters in Brøndby where we test our flavours in specific bakery applications. All bakery flavours are tested for heat, freeze, and thaw stability as well as fat and water solubility. Additionally, we test our flavour solutions to provide accurate recommendations for intensity and performance in different applications. With our know-how and expertise, our customers achieve faster product development and shorter time to market.

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