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Energy drinks

Energy drinks  – an overview

The global energy drink category has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity, emerging as a dynamic and influential segment within the beverage industry. Energy drinks are formulated with ingredients like caffeine, vitamins, amino acids, and herbal extracts, intended to provide a quick energy boost and enhance mental alertness. These beverages target a wide demographic, including young adults, professionals, and athletes, appealing to those seeking an immediate and convenient source of energy



Flavourings range from both natural and non-natural beverage flavours:

  • Compounds: where meticulously selected ingredients to create complex and harmonious flavour profiles. These solutions are the result of a careful marriage between natural and artificial components.
  • Syrups: with their velvety texture and concentrated essence, are the liquid architects of flavour. Whether derived from fruits, herbs, or exotic botanicals, these elixirs infuse soft drinks with sweetness and character.
  • Natural Extracts: In the pursuit of authenticity, natural flavour extracts emerge as the unsung heroes of soft drink flavouring solutions. Derived directly from the source, be it vanilla pods, aromatic berries, or vibrant citrus peels, these extracts offer a pure and unadulterated taste experience. As consumers gravitate towards more natural and organic flavour choices, sparkling soft drinks infused with these extracts embody a commitment to quality and a celebration of the essence of nature.
  • Artificial flavours: Precision in innovation. At the heart of beverage innovation, artificial soft drink flavours showcase the competence of modern science in replicating nature’s nuances. These carefully crafted compounds not only mimic the familiar tastes of fruits and spices but also provide the flexibility to explore uncharted flavour territories. With precision and consistency as their hallmarks, artificial flavours contribute to the ever-expanding palette of soft drink offerings, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


The market

Energy drinks and their efficacies resonate with the modern, busy consumer always on the move. The rising popularity of Energy drinks, the variety of offered products, and the growing consumer base are factors expected to increase the market size. The revenue of energy and sports drinks sold worldwide is estimated to increase to just over 233 billion U.S. dollars by 2027*.

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* Statista I Energy drinks market worldwide

Energy Drink categories:

As the energy drink market size increases new categories emerge.

Some of the new categories are:

  • Energy Drink seltzers

    Energy drink seltzers have gained traction recently. ED seltzers are low on calories and offer a less sugary alternative to the classic Energy Drinks

  • Clean energy drinks

    Demand for coffee alternatives is fueling the clean energy boom. Natural caffeinie soruces like yerba mate is increasing in popularity and clean energy drinks are increasing market share.

  • Cognitive support drinks

    A trending category targeting knowledge workers and students. These beverages are intentded enhance mental performance.

  • Energy sports drinks

    As the Energy drink market grows new hybrid products emerge. The Energy sport drink typically contains both electrolytes and caffeine and is targeted towards active consumers and rejectors to the classic energy drink category.

Popular Energy drink flavours

Whether you are on the search for botanical, herbal, spicy, sweet or juicy soft drink flavours, our flavourists can assist you in creating both classic, surprising, innovative and unexpected tastes for your product.

Some of our most popular flavour profiles are:

  • Lemon/Lime flavouring, flavour house, lemon flavour, lime flavour

    Sweet, woody and earthy – a classic flavour combination, always on trend.

  • Energy-drink-lemon

    Tart, fresh and versatile – Lemon is known for its bright and zesty flavour.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-grapefruit-pink-grapefruit

    Sweet, balanced and juicy - Oranges are one of the most popular and widely consumed citrus fruits, known for their juicy and sweet flavour.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-lychee

    Herbaceous, sweet, and aromatic – Lemon balm is a herb in the mint family known for its lemony aroma and flavour.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-pomelo

    Mildly sweet, mildly tart and aromatic – the Pomelo is the largest citrus fruit unifying sweetness and tartness.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-mint

    Cooling, herbaceous and fresh – Mint has a potent and invigorating aroma depending on the sort. Mint has a mild sweetness which complements the refreshing side of the flavour profile.

  • Energy-Drink-Flavours-Yuzu

    Floral, aromatic and citrusy – Yuzu is native to East Asia and particularly popular in Japanese cuisine. Within recent years Yuzu has gained popularity and is used to add flavour to confectionary, beers, CSDs and cordials.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-honey-melon
    Honey Melon

    Sweet, juicy and aromatic. Honeydew melon, often referred to as "honey melon," is a variety of melon known for its sweet and refreshing flavour

  • Energy-drink-flavours-raspberry

    Sweet, tart and fresh - Strawberries are widely loved and used. Their hint of tartness adds a refreshing and slightly tangy element to their flavour profile.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-dragon-fruit
    Dragon fruit

    Mildly sweet, mildly tart and relatively neutral. Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya or pitahaya, has a mildly sweet and subtly tropical flavor. The base flavor of dragon fruit is relatively neutral, allowing it to pair well with a variety of other fruits and ingredients.

  • We are specialized in manufacturing Energy drink flavours hereunder grapefruit or pink grapefruit flavours

    Tart, juicy and bitter – pink grapefruit has a distinctive and refreshing flavour profile and vibrant colour.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-grapefruit-cherry

    Rich, juicy and aromatic – Cherries are primarily used in desserts, pies and icecreams but work surprisingly well in beverage applications due to their refreshing balance between sweetness and tartness.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-mango

    Rich, creamy and sweet – The mango comes in many exotic versions, each with different flavour profiles. The mango flavour is often used as a key flavour in tropical and exotic flavour blends that have both peach and citrusy undertones.

  • Energy-drink-passion-fruit
    Passion fruit

    Acidic, Fresh and mildly earthy – passion fruits are known to have a zesty tartness, giving them a refreshing quality but in exotic fruit blends and as single flavours.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-papaya

    Tropical, sweet and mildly musky – The papaya’s sweetness combined with subtle earthy undertones adds complexity to the overall flavour profile.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-grapefruit-coconut

    Creamy, nutty and sweet. Coconut as a flavour works well both on its own but also combined with especially citrusy flavours to strike a perfect balance between sweetness, creaminess and tartness.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-tropcial-exotic

    Fruity, aromatic and sweet – As globalization increases demand is growing for exotic and global flavours. The Tropical – or exotic flavour blend features a burst of flavours from the creamy coconut to the rich and sweet mango to the tangy pineapple. It all comes together into one perfect harmony.

  • Energy-drink-flavours-strawberry

    Sweet, tart and fresh - Strawberries are widely loved and used. Their hint of tartness adds a refreshing and slightly tangy element to their flavour profile.


Does Einar Willumsen offer organic flavourings for soft drinks and sodas?
We are specialized in developing 95:5 flavour beverage solutions. This means that 95% of the flavour components must come from the source e.g. lime. The remaining 5% can come from a different source but the main flavour must come
from the 95%. Organic suitable.

Does Einar Willumsen offer natural flavourings for soft drinks and sodas?
Yes, Our compounds and extracts for beverages can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. At Einar Willumsen we offer both 95:5 and artificial flavours for carbonated soft drinks to suit your requirements.

What are the most popular flavours for soft drinks?
Some of our most popular soft drink flavours are lemon, lemon/lime, orange, raspberry, papaya, cherry, apricot, elderberry, ginger, grapefruit, and tropical.

Does Einar Willumsen create custom flavours for soft drinks?
Yes, at Einar Willumsen, we tailor taste and flavour for your unique market and brand, offering custom flavour solutions that align perfectly with your product vision and target audience.

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