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Other Beverage solutions

Solutions for
Organic (95/5), Halal, Kosher, or Vegan products

Furthermore, we develop solutions for:

Organic (95/5)




We provide an all-in-one solution with complete documentation for the final product and guidance for processing and bottling.

Do you have questions regarding beverages?

Niels Estrup

Key Account Manager

Mobile: +45 2137 5906

Mail: nes@ewflavours.com

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Johan Emil Seiersen

Key Account Manager

Mobile: +45 2345 3202

Mail: jse@ewflavours.com

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Susanne Harde

Key Account Manager (Sverige)

Mobile: +46 73 841 4511

Mail: suh@ewflavours.com

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Silje Marie Wærn van Hoek

Key Account Manager (Norge)

Mobile: +47 4147 5230

Mail: sho@ewflavours.com

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