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Fighting cancer since 1956

Our objective

The Einar Willumsen Foundation was established on 25th April 1956 and confirmed by the King on 16th May the same year. The capital of the memorial trust consists of the share majority inherited by Einar Willumsen’s sister Fanny Willumsen, supplemented by securities later bequeathed to the Foundation by the sister.

The objective of the Foundation is “to give financial support to activities related to the fight against the cancer: either to general scientific work or to the treatment of cancer patients without means. In cases where the Board of the Foundation should find it appropriate, a share of the funds disposable for distribution could also be used to supporting the fight against other diseases, as well as blind or ill individuals without means, especially those suffering from cancer or polio”. (Unofficial translation from the articles of the Foundation)

As it appears from the charter, assistance to “the needy” was of major importance to Einar Willumsen and his sister. After the introduction of government-financed welfare benefits during the 1960s, focus shifted from the endowment of individuals to donations to organisations and projects. A large number of groups and individuals that have enjoyed the support of the Foundation over the years.