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Privacy Policy

What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that identifies an individual (Data subject), for example – name, surname, email, telephone number.

How is personal data obtained?

Data is collected from the einarwillumsen.com  contact form. If the visitor of the website wants to contact Einar Willumsen (Data controller), he fills out the contact form, where he writes his contact information.

What is the purpose of obtaining personal data?

The Data controller collects personal data to contact the website visitor, who has filled out the contact form, so the Data controller can get in touch with him.

Data subject’s rights:

The Data subject has the right to request the Controller access to his personal data and to receive precise information about which personal data of his is available in the disposal of the Manager, for what purposes the Manager processes personal data.

The Data subject has the right to request the deletion of his personal data or to object to the processing (“to be forgotten”). In this case, the Data subject must contact the Data manager electronically – by sending an e-mail to: mail@ewflavours.comor by phone – by calling the telephone number: +45 43452244

How is personal data protected?

Data manager provides limited access to personal data. Only authorized personnel for whom personal data is required to fulfill their work responsibilities, i.e. contact a website visitor, can access personal data. The Manager also secures both the server, which is obtaining personal data, and the physical premises of his office, where personal data is being processed.

Personal data leak:

In case of personal data leakage, if this results in a potential high risk to the rights and freedoms of the Data subject, the Manager will notify the Data subject, if that is possible.