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Alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages (RTDs)


The global market share for spirits and ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages both increased between 2019 and 2021. During the same period, all other alcoholic beverages declined in market share. The market growth paves the way for innovation and has captured the attention of a broad consumer group, seeking a perfect blend of convenience, quality, and a diverse range of tantalizing flavors.

The appeal of RTD beverages extends beyond traditional drinking occasions, making them the ideal companion for social gatherings, outdoor adventures, or an indulgent evening at home. With stylish packaging and new exciting global and exotic flavours. In a highly globalized world Retailers and brands are responding to this trend by expanding their beverage offerings. This may be through the creation of entirely new product lines or adapting existing ones.

Popular RTD flavours

  • Coffee flavourings for long drinks, RTDs, RTD cocktails used to produce e.g. the flavour of Espresso Martini and other tasteful alcoholic coffee drinks.

    Acidic, earthy and aromatic - Our Coffee flavourings are well suited for long drinks, RTDs, RTD cocktails etc. used to produce e.g. the classic Espresso Martini flavour.

  • Mojito flavouring for alcoholic RTDs. The flavour of mint, lime, sugarcane in rum in a RTD.

    Fresh, sweet and rummy - The combination of mint leaves, sugar cane and rum makes this particluar flavour an obvious choice for many consumers.

  • Tonic flavour for alcoholic RTDs

    Bitter, citrusy and aromatic - the classic tonic flavour carry a distinctive aroma from the quinine content. This aromatic quality adds depth to the overall drinking experience and contributes to the complexity of the beverage.

  • Mint flavours for alcoholic RTDs

    Cooling, sweet and herbacuous - Mint is a versatile herb known for its refreshing and aromatic qualities. Making it the perfect companion in alcoholic beverages as counterpart to e.g. flavour rich rums and other dark spirits.

  • Lemon Lime flavourings for alcoholic RTDs

    Acidic, sweet and versatile - Lemon and lime pair well with a variety of other flavors, including herbs (mint or basil), berries, and tropical fruits. This versatility allows for creative combinations in alcoholic drinks.

  • Strawberry flavourings for alcoholic RTD

    Sweet, tart and fragrant - The strawberry with its viscosity can be both a flavourful element in an alcoholic RTD but also adding sensation and texture to the overall mouthfeel.

  • Cognac flavourings for alcoholic RTDs

    Spiced, floral and rancio - cognac and its rancio flavour is a unique characteristic associated with aged cognac, presenting itself as a complex amalgamation of flavors, including nuttiness, dried fruits, and earthy tones.

  • Coconut

    Sweet, creamy and fresh - Coconut has a distinctive and tropical flavor profile, known for its sweet and nutty characteristics. Whether enjoyed fresh, dried, or in drinks, coconut imparts a unique taste

  • Cola flavouring for alcoholic RTDs

    sweet, mildly spicy and aromatic - The cola flavour as we know it serves the perfect canvas for long drinks with dark spirits. The depth of the vanilla and caramel makes it the perfect mixer.

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