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VEGAN cheese

At Einar Willumsen we are passionate about taste

We follow the market trends carefully and we strive to develop new authentic flavours to meet new trends.

The fantastic taste of cheese is appreciated in most part of the world. However, with the increasing interest in a vegan lifestyle, many people are through their choice excluded from this wonderful taste experience of cheese. We at Einar Willumsen has changed that.


100% dairy free Einar Willumsen food formulation

Authentic cheese taste Our specialists have created the authentic cheese aroma − and it is 100% dairy-free!

We know that consumers are increasingly interested in the health benefits of dairy free products. Consumers are shifting their focus, looking for plantbased foods that not only taste good but are able to accurately mimic the flavours of dairy products. Einar Willumsen has developed this authentic cheese flavour that even smells and taste like cheese − dairy free.


Vegan trend and lifestyle

As many have done − and more people will do in the future, choosing to live without dairy, we also know, that some people miss the taste and texture of cheese in their vegan life − this is no longer necessary.

Taste Einar Willumsen’s vegan cheese flavour and you will know

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