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Innovative beverage flavours

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Simulating nature is not a new approach; nevertheless, our approach is based on nature’s recipes as we try to simulate nature more simply.



Beverages are one of the most vibrant and innovative categories in consumer products

Ingredients and flavour experimentation often start with beverages. Today, consumers are more eager to try something new. Consumers love their favourite soft drink flavours like citrus, berries, and tropical fruits. At the same time, we see an appetite and curiosity for unique, fun, and unusual flavours for beverages; for example, florals, various tea flavours, spices, exotic fruits, and even candy. In addition, there is an abundance of hybrids that combine several well-known flavours to create new experiences.

Cross-category creations
Another popular trend in beverages is, e.g. alcoholic shots with the taste of bubble gum or energy drinks with the flavour of strawberry cheesecake. Again, cross-category speaks to consumers’ need for surprise and the curious consumer who wants to discover something new.

Can we do you a flavour?
We develop delicious flavour solutions for beverages and test them in relevant applications, such as soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and non-alcoholic products. Our solutions vary from flavourings to premixed compounds and syrups to finished products ready for bottling. Our skilled application specialists create tailor-made recipes and guide optimal shelf life, preservation, colour, and other relevant considerations.
We can create exclusive and innovative flavours, imitate and match an existing taste, and make a cheaper flavour solution for beverages by reducing juice content – altogether without compromising taste.

Our company has established strong partnerships with leading ingredient suppliers, enabling us to provide comprehensive solutions for e.g. functional and healthy beverages, including energy drinks, vitamin-enriched beverages, mineral-infused refreshments, and protein shakes. In addition, we pride ourselves on creating flavours for products that offer consumers a healthier choice and are incredibly delicious without compromising taste.

As health trends continue to soar, we recognise the growing demand for reduced sugar or sugar-free beverages. We are committed to meeting these needs by incorporating low-calorie sweeteners, stabilisers, different acids, and unique flavours into our beverage formulations. It enables us to offer our customers, to their customers – the end users, a healthier choice without sacrificing taste while also maintaining cost efficiency.

Our dedication to providing top-flavour-quality, functional beverages sets us apart in the market. We strive to continuously innovate and develop new and exciting flavours while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards.

– Together with us, you will deliver your customers the best possible taste of beverages.


Pleasure- and fantasy-themed flavour innovations

A new trend in the world of experiences. These flavours aim to transport consumers into an empire of delight and imagination through unique taste sensations by exploring unusual combinations and imaginative profiles.

The flavour innovations often draw inspiration from indulgent treats, childhood nostalgia, or exotic landscapes, aiming to create a sense of pleasure, memories and excitement. From whimsical flavours like cotton candy or bubblegum to decadent combinations like salted caramel with exotic spices, only our imagination knows where it starts and stops, and the flavours offer consumers a sensory adventure. These innovative flavours invite consumers to indulge in a fantasy world.


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