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Flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs) encompass a wide variety of drinks with different alcohol bases and flavourings. In addition, these alcoholic drinks have added natural or artificial flavours to enhance their taste.

Flavoured alcoholic beverages come in various forms.

They are made from various base spirits, such as vodka, gin, rum, etc.

Some of the most common categories or types of flavoured alcoholic beverages include premixed cocktails, ready-to-drink drinks, and flavoured liqueurs.

Cocktails or mixed drinks are made from spirits, mixers, and other ingredients such as fruit, herbs, or spices. They come in various flavours and can be sweet, sour, or savoury.

Row of Cosmopolitan cocktails shot on a bar counter in a nightclub. Shot in red light.

Ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails are premixed and often sold in cans or bottles. They come in a wide variety of flavours and are typically sweet.

Tray with glasses of cold daiquiri cocktail on dark background

Hard seltzers are low-calorie, low-carb alcoholic beverages made with carbonated water and flavoured with fruit or other natural flavours. They have gained popularity in recent years as a lighter and healthier alternative to traditional FABs.

Flavoured beers have been infused with additional flavours such as fruit, spices, or coffee. Some famous examples include chocolate stouts and fruit-infused wheat beers.

Flavoured alcoholic beverages feature:

  • Fruity flavours
    include raspberry, strawberry, peach, apple, and citrus.
  • Spice flavours
    can add warmth and depth to flavoured alcoholic drinks.
  • Herbal and floral flavours
    can add a delicate, aromatic taste to certain spirits.


These are a few examples of flavoured, ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages that are available. The list continues to grow as new flavours and combinations are developed. We always follow the latest and coming trends. Contact us; we are ready to do you with your unique and exciting flavour.

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