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The future of hard liquor and alcohol

Now, 2023

During the COVID closures, many adults became accustomed to drinking at home. However, in light of the cost-of-living crisis, some consumers seek to reduce their consumption while still enjoying high-quality spirits and alcoholic RTDs.


In the next two years

The cost-of-living crisis will extend consumers’ desire to treat themselves to affordable luxury brands at home. However, health-conscious and cash-strapped consumers will continue to seek moderate, permissible drinks.


In five years and beyond

Advancements in technology will enable in-store refills for spirits, and bottle return/reuse schemes. Synthetic lab-made alcohol start-ups with low carbon footprints will increase as they attract investment and drinker interest. Technology will enable next-generation alcohol substitutes that offer relaxation without hangovers.


Hard liquor and alcohol, some examples of flavoured liquor:

Absinthe is a highly alcoholic spirit flavoured with botanicals such as anise, fennel, and wormwood. It has an intense and complex flavour and is often consumed by diluting it with water.

Flavored Whiskies is infused with additional flavours such as honey, cinnamon, or apple. They are often sweeter and smoother than traditional whiskies and can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails.

Liqueurs are sweet, flavoured spirits with high sugar content. They can be made from various ingredients such as fruits, herbs, or nuts.

Spirits with added flavours can include vodka, rum, and tequila, available in flavoured versions with added fruit, spice, or other flavourings like botanical, candy etc.

These are a few examples of flavoured alcoholic beverages that are available. The options are endless, and new flavours and combinations are constantly being developed. We always follow the latest and coming trends. Contact us, as we are ready to do you a flavour.

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