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‘Low to no’ alcoholic beverages continue gaining attention in retail stores, bars, and restaurants.

A variety of alcohol-free drinks

Alcohol-free beverages contain no or only low levels of alcohol. They include, e.g. ciders and mocktails, and they often have a more comprehensive range of flavours and ingredients than traditional alcoholic drinks. We often see these drinks is more exciting and attractive.


The trend towards drinking alcohol-free beverages will likely continue as people become more health-conscious and seek alternative options to traditional alcoholic drinks.


Cider – non-alcoholic

The non-alcoholic cider versions are produced by removing the alcohol from alcoholic cider through distillation or evaporation.



Mocktails are non-alcoholic mixed drinks or cocktails without alcohol that mimic the flavours and ingredients of traditional cocktails using non-alcoholic ingredients such as fruit juices and syrups, and flavouring.

Consumers increasingly expect these drinks to deliver great flavour, premium quality, and an enjoyable experience. A mocktail can provide all three! We can do you the excellent flavours.

  • Lime lemonade, mojito mocktail or cocktail. Generative AI

  • Alcoholic orange cocktail with liqueur in a glass. On a black st

    Alcoholic orange cocktail with liqueur in a glass. On a black stone background. Menu bar.

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