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We need to consume a lot of liquid during the day

Water is always the sure choice – but we all love to have a taste experience when we quench our thirst. We can enjoy a flavour we recognize or may want to be surprised or experience something imaginative, or maybe we want a taste of adventure – we are always looking for a good taste experience when we are thirsty. Some consumers find tasteless water unexciting. They also want to have a flavour without adding sugar. At Einar Willumsen, we can make every taste exciting for all types of beverages. Here, you have the category of ‘Ready-to-drink’:



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Niels Estrup

Key Account Manager

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Johan Emil Seiersen

Key Account Manager

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Susanne Harde

Key Account Manager (Sverige)

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Silje Marie Wærn van Hoek

Key Account Manager (Norge)

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