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Trend Report 2022

Trend Report 2022

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Consumers expect easy solutions for everyday life. Convenient products make life easier and free up time and energy for more important things. Current trends for convenience focus on better and faster ways to get nutritional and practical benefits.



‘Foodification’ of functional products is spreading as producers launch regular products with added functional benefits. Consumers care about nutritional value of their food and drinks and are likely to buy products that have multiple health benefits. Understanding health benefits of proteins, fibre, vitamins – just to name a few categories – leads to a greater interest in enriched and fortified food and drinks.


Snacks are a regular part of our diets and therefore snacks are expected to meet the same nutritional standards as other meals. However, snacks also have another purpose aside from satisfying hunger; we often reach for them to have a small break, out of boredom and desire for a treat. Therefore, snacks must taste good to provide a sense of escapism and indulgence. Furthermore, many consumers look for easy snack options that fit into popular lifestyles, e. g. plant-based, low sugar and/or high protein.



Consumers admit that they prefer “bite-size” or “single-serving” portions of their convenience products: smaller formats are portable, easy to consume on the go and not in the least, make it easier to control portion size. The easiest way to make a product appear “healthier” (or seem to contain less calories) is to make it smaller. This “mini” trend creates an obvious challenge for packaging from the environmental standpoint and we see a lot of innovation to solve it. Convenient and sustainable packaging must simultaneously meet requirements for reliable containment, product freshness and recyclability.

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