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Trend Report 2022

Trend Report 2022

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If there was only one universal insight from the pandemic experience, it would likely be that overwhelming restrictions and limitations are stressful and damaging for our mental health. Consumers seek surprising new experiences and create space for small treats to spoil themselves and manage stress. Indulgence has shifted from “guilty pleasure” with bad consequences to necessary rituals of self-care that brings balance to our lives.



During the pandemic traditionally indulgent products has turned towards even more comfort. Food and drinks are a simplest and most accessible way to make us feel better. Although we hoped to be back to normal, the pandemic continues and with it continues the popularity of familiar, comforting and nostalgic products. Classic brown flavours like vanilla, chocolate, caramel and coffee are among the most popular comfort flavours across the categories. Additionally, consumers continue to show strong preference for classic fruit flavours like citrus, berries and tropical fruits.


Consumers continue to crave new, exotic and exciting flavours to fill the void in their lives due to inability to travel. Routines are important but we grow tired of same foods and drinks and look for fresh and unusual flavours. For some consumers it’s about expanding their horizons by tasting flavours from different cultures. Others look for excitement and surprise in florals and botanicals or complex cocktail and dessert flavours or even magic fantasy flavours.


Treat yourself

High quality premium foods and drinks has become a common way for consumers to reward themselves during the pandemic. This trend continues onward especially in categories that are already considered indulgent: alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, confectionary, coffee and snacks. Producers aim to pack as much indulgent flavour and texture as possible. The goal is to maximize the enjoyment factor: exciting textures, mixing different categories to create hybrid products and adding more intense flavours.

Mental health

Another part of holistic well-being that benefits from indulgence trends is mental health. Allowing small pleasures is a part of self-care that makes us healthier in a long run. There are deep phycological benefits to creating affordable, guilt-free and flavourful rituals. Consumers look for good balance between health, convenience, and enjoyment. Relentless focus on diets and exercise often leads to a burnout, thus it is more sustainable to practice kindness, moderation and avoid extreme dieting.


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