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We see a rapidly growing demand for healthy, honest, and clean food and beverages without additives, preservatives etc.
The industry is struggling to meet the demands. And although it may be difficult, there is no going back. We want transparency, honesty, and clean food – now in all categories from drinks to bread, chocolate, ready meals, meat, fruit, and vegetables.

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Everything we do must be good for both body and mind. Consumers want something that will help them, and their bodies achieve their fitness goals more effectively. The products must be functional and help make the consumer feel that they are doing something good for themselves, and this helps them to feel that they are the best possible version of themselves.


Clean food. Clean Label and clear communication. Pure raw materials without additives. “What I intake should improve my health, performance and have a positive impact on my well-being”.
Credibility – Can the consumer trust the brands and labelling?

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Mood Food & Drink

We are looking for ingredients that can boost our mood and that can help us a lot in balancing a busy everyday life.
The consumer searches for something familiar. It should be simple and uncomplicated. It is not only what we eat and drink, but who we are with when we eat. The consumer seeks to drink that provides cognitive strength.

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We always consider our customer

At Einar Willumsen we consider our customers consumers and what we want the taste reaction to be. Our expertise is to combine science and our understanding of the market place to deliver the optimum results in our products.