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To eat sustainably is the absolute most socially changing food trend for 2023, and this is the trend with the biggest impact on the way we produce, handle, and eat food.
We talk about sustainability with consideration for animals, people, and the environment and the consumers expect solutions, credibility, and transparency from the food- and beverages industry.
The climate mindset includes a more holistic view of health, where the personal health aspect goes hand in hand with the global climate aspect.
The sustainable agenda is a complicated dimension and requires many sub-decisions and actions before reaching the goal.

A slice of bread spread with butter mixed with young goutweed leaves, topped with purple dead-nettle and lungwort flowers


The entire process from farm to fork. The consumers expect credibility and transparency, and everything is done with consideration.
We see more consumers who want as natural ingredients as possible. They care about the environment. We see plant-based spins on traditional dishes in all categories, alternative cooking where we use alternative plants and flowers that we find in nature, we find creative ways to use our ‘waste’.


We prefer to buy our raw materials locally, which also ensures that the raw materials have a shorter transportation time.
The consumers wish to be more enlighten and wish to be as close to the farmers as possible. They want to understand the production and want to learn. The close relationship with the farmers, creates clear conscience, and we also see markets where we can pick-and-choose and collect specific raw materials.

Flight of sustainably produced craft Ciders served on a reused barrel stave. colorful, natural, drinks
Einar Willumsen, Bröndby, DKFoto: Jenny Leyman

Lab Food and Drink

The customers understand that food can be produced in a laboratory. This is a whole new food paradigm and a necessity. We find ways to utilize unused natural resources, we try to find solutions to reduce meat consumption, which many believe is a major climate culprit. the consumer is not afraid of chemically produced food if it turns out that it is better for the environment and the climate.

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We always consider our customer

At Einar Willumsen we consider our customers consumers and what we want the taste reaction to be. Our expertise is to combine science and our understanding of the market place to deliver the optimum results in our products.