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Exotic fruits

Flavourful & colourful

Buddhas hand


Buddha’s hand is a decorative citrus fruit, and it is special in every way – just look at its intricate shape.
The fruit has no pulp. However, its white insides are not bitter as opposed to lemon or lime. There is almost no juice either in this peculiar shape of Buddha. Nonetheless the fruit is great in food and drink recipes.

In Asian countries Buddha’s hand is a popular gift item in Buddha’s temple and locals believe that Buddha prefers fruit which “fingers” are closed instead of spreading apart. Closed hands is a symbol of prayer.

A typical way to use the fruit is to cut it into thin slices and pickle it a little. Moreover, the peel has essential oils that can be to flavour a vodka or to make homemade aromatic citrusy snaps, similar to Italian limoncello.