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Pineapple Flavour

As “retrophilia” (a love of the past) continues to trend through food and drink with consumers young and old looking back on the tastes of years gone by or their youth… and some without even experiencing them the first time around, the pineapple is emerging as a new old favourite!  It has been around for many years and is often considered exotic despite it being in cans, on pizza, and in cocktails like the PinaColada and there has even been a song about it in recent years – even in fashion the pineapple features as prominently as the Flamingo – but we can’t taste a Flamingo.

At Einar Willumsen we’ve got this covered with a number of different natural pineapple flavours for all manner of food and drink applications.  Talk to us to explore how you could take the pineapple and give it a modern flavour twist with other on trend flavours from botanical herbs, spices and florals to other blends with other local market favourites such as raspberry or rhubarb like here in the Nordics.

When speed and taste matter it’s time to talk to Einar Willumsen.

We always consider our customer

At Einar Willumsen we consider our customers consumers and what we want the taste reaction to be. Our expertise is to combine science and our understanding of the market place to deliver the optimum results in our products.

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