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Enhancing “Hygge” for over 100 years!

2017 it suggests is the year of “Hygge”, but for more than a hundred years, we have worked to add our Nordic know-how and flavour to new products for our customers. Since the beginning of the 1900s we have steadily built a strong and independent position in the global flavour market. Right from the out-set, when Einar and his brother Holger Willumsen established themselves in the new and emerging food and beverage industry, they recognised our unique position in the market to be able to truly understand and develop genuine Nordic tastes that form part of the unique desire for “cosy” or “Hygge”.  This is a growing consumer desire and is spreading around the World.  In many ways, the flavour industry today recognises trends ahead of most industries and as a result sets the agenda for our eating and drinking habits.

Today we have a fantastic understanding of how nature’s treasure trove of flavours is structured and how we can apply this knowledge, coupled with our passion for sharing and enhancing “Hygge” in everything we develop around the globe, often including Nordic berries and arctic extracts.

Learn more about hygge here.

Enhancing “Hygge” for over 100 years!