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Did you know…Myths and legends about the apple1) Isaac Newton is said to have been inspired to formulate the law of universal gravitation after he was hit on the head by an apple falling from a tree. As it took him almost twenty years to develop his theory in detail, it is questionable what role the apple really played.2) In art and literature, the apple has often symbolised forbidden fruit such as that eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. However, although a popular story it is not recorded anywhere in the Bible that it was an apple that was their downfall.3) In Nordic mythology the goddess Idun shared her ”apples of youth” with the Norse gods so that they would never age. Although apples are known to have several health giving properties, it is unlikely they hold the secret to eternal youth.  #whenspeedandtastematter #yournordicflavourhouse #natuREimagined #nordicbynature #tasty #taste #flavour #flavor #hygge #nordic #scandinavian #didyouknow  #whenartandsciencemeet #applewisdom

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