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Regulatory Affairs

Labelling of flavours

To label a flavouring as natural, the flavouring components must consist of exclusively flavouring
preparations and/or natural flavouring substances (1334/2008 art. 16).

Natural flavouring can be categories in three groups:

– Natural X flavouring: at least 95 % of the flavour components are derived from the raw material (X) referred to and main taste is recognised from here. 5 % of the flavouring components can come from natural flavouring substances or a different source than X.
– Natural X flavouring with other natural flavourings: the flavour from the raw material (X) can easily be recognised but less than 95 % of the flavour components are from the raw material (X).
– Natural flavouring: the flavouring components derived from different raw material and the taste cannot be recognised from a specific raw material.

In organic products only natural X flavouring or organic flavouring can be used.