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Showcasing the ”Sweet Flavour Collection” at FIA 2018

From consumers and authorities throughout the World, there is an increased focus on sugar and its role in the rising numbers of overweight and obese children and adults. Several alternatives to sugar in beverages are already on the market. Many of these are “E-number” sweeteners which can provide sweetness similar to sugar. But some consumers are looking for more natural alternatives to the “E-number” sweeteners.

Einar Willumsen Sweet Flavour Collection are natural, halal flavours which provide enhanced sweetness. By using Einar Willumsen Sweet Flavour Collection it is possible to reduce the sugar level 30% without losing sweetness intensity.

In partnership with Tegar Ingredients we look forward to welcoming you to explain and highlight the benefits and science behind this collection and talking to you about how we can help with beverages, confectionery, bakery and dairy products.